Become an Affiliate

Are you looking for a way to monotize your website?  Ads are a great way for some consistant income; but affiliate programs can also pay even better. 

We offer an affiliate program that caters to the LDS Market.  Our designs are either LDS related or wholesome enough for the entire family.  It is easy to do:

1 - Sign up  - CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

2 - Customize your site

3 - Advertise your site  - CLICK HERE FOR PRE-MADE ADS

4 - Monitor traffic and sales

Each time you make a sale, the sale is fed into our production line.  We handle the customer service, the printing and the fulfilment.  Then, we cut you a comission check each month for your sales.  It is pretty much that easy.  No fees, no set up fees, no subscription fees, no cancelation fees, no minimum quantities, nothing is required.

Do you have questions? 
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